Sunday, June 04, 2006

I love hearing reports about Iran's nuclear program, because the words "Iranian" and "uranium" go so well together. Say it three times fast, "Iranian uranium Iranian uranium Iranian uranium ... ." Of course, you have to pronounce it the "American" way, "eye-rain-ee-an", not the more correct "ee-rahn-ee-an".) Also, I'm waiting for someone to say, about the equipment used to enrich uranium and the Iranians' tricks for obtaining it, "We're as worried about their subterfuges as about their centrifuges." Please, Condi, say this. You don't have to credit me.

By the way, whenever there is talk about military attacks to take out the Iranian nuclear installations, the expert being interviewed points out that the installations are underground (physically, not just in the sense of "secret") and thus protected from all but the largest bombs. But it seems to me there is a way to turn this strength into a weakness (as there always is. Isn't that judo?) After all, though the facilities may be deep underground, not everyone who works there, nor all the materials they use, are underground, and if indeed they are making bombs down there, in order to use them, they'll have to take them out from underground. This is just an exagerratedly logical way of proving that these underground facilities must have entrances, tunnels that connect them with the surface. And these have to go to the surface. Where they can easily be bombed. The point is, maybe whoever wants to stop Iran's nuclear program doesn't need to destroy its facilities, just render them inaccessible by destroying the tunnels to them. Just the mention of this might make some of those who work there much more reluctant to, for fear of being trapped (which is probably a worse way to go than just being blown up.) Anyway, if she wants it, Condi can have that one too.

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